FrontPage Component Functionality

With server side extensions, it's possible that some frontpage components such as shared borders, form mailers, and counters may not work properly. Publishing your web site with this alternative method usually solve the problem.

Importing Files

Start by opening up FrontPage.

1) Go to File, Open Web

2) Type in the url for your domain name. you can leave the www portion out of the address.


Again, you will be promted for your username and password. Simply type in your username and password found in your account setup letter. From here, you will be on the webserver itself where you can make live edits or even new documents. As far as components are concerned, you would want to import the files from your local hard drive onto the webserver.

3) Go to file, import


When promted, simply choose the file or directory you would like to bring onto the webserver. Click on the appropiate button, locate your web files, and click on the import button.


* FrontPage Forms and Counters - Simply log into your account using steps 1 and 2. Right click on the counter or form properties and ensure the settings are correct. (You want to make sure the form is mailing to the right address or if your counter is set to a number you prefer. From there, go to:

1. File, save as

2. Save the file while you are logged on the server; rewriting the current file that's already there.

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