Listing, Searching and Managing Orders

In order to manage your domain names, you need to search for them from your Control Panel with Dinsol.Co.In, and access their Order Details view. To do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below -

1. Login to your Control Panel

Resellers do so from;
Customers do so from

2. Once logged in to your Control Panel,

Resellers, go to Products -> Search -> Domain Registration Search
Customers, go to Domains -> Search -> Domain Registration Search

3. Fill in one or more text boxes, select an appropriate Order Creation Date and click on the Search button.

  • To list all Domain Names you have registered, leave all text boxes blank and select the Order Creation Date as Within All and click on the Search button.
  • Resellers can search for all Orders belonging to their Sub-Resellers by selecting the Search Orders of Sub-Resellers check box.

4. In the next page you would see a list of all Orders, with Domain Registration Service bought through Dinsol.Co.In. Clicking on any Order Id or Description would take you to the Order Details view, from where you can manage this Order.

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