Modifying the Whois / Contact Details of .UK Domain Names

Understanding .UK domain name Contacts

  1. A .UK domain name displays only one Contact (there is no Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact) when performing a Whois lookup:

    Registrant Contact - This contact represents the owner of the domain name.

  2. General Contacts used for other domain name extensions (TLDs) can not be used for a .UK domain name. A .UK domain name has a separate Contacts database.


Modifying the Registrant Contact Details (except Company Name) of a .UK domain name


For modifying the Company Name (identity) of the Registrant Contact of a .UK domain name, the current Registrant will be billed by the .UK Registry. Click here to review the process laid down by the .UK Registry for change of Registrant Company Name >>

  1. Login to your Control Panel and search for the domain name. Click here to read how to accomplish this >>

  2. Click on the Domain name in the search results to get to the Order details view.

  3. You will be able to modify the Contact information for the Domain Name by directly specifying it in the text boxes. You can modify all the details except the Company Name.

    The update will be applied to all the Domain Names using this particular Registrant Contact.

  4. Click on the Change Registrant Contact Information button to save the changes.

Apart from the above process, Contacts can be created and managed independent of the Domain Name(s), directly from within the Customer Control Panel. Click here to read how >>


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