Software: Overview


There are two types of software available in your cPanel:

  • CGI - These software applications are called CGI or Common Gateway Interface programs. They are pre-installed on your web hosting account and are ready to be configured and used on your web site. The CGI programs are located in the "CGI Center." The "CGI Center" includes the following software:
    • Simple CGI Wrapper
    • Random HTML Generator
    • Simple GuestBook
    • Advanced GuestBook
    • Counter
    • Clock
    • Countdown
    • CGI email
    • FormMail Clone
    • Entropy Search
    • Entropy Banners
  • Scripts - These scripts are not pre-installed on your web hosting account, but include a variety of programs such as:
    • Blogs
    • Bulletin Boards
    • CMS
    • Chat
    • Ecommerce
    • Gallery
    • Guest Books
    • Support
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