What is Server Status?

WebHost Manager can display a variety of server information:

  • Service Status - Displays what services are running on your server, as well as server load, memory usage, swap usage, and hard drive space usage. Running services have a green circle next to them, while failed services have a red circle next to them.
  • Server Information - Displays information about the hardware and software configuration on your server. This includes processor type, and speed, memory information, system software, drive information, memory usage, and drive space usage.
  • Apache Status - Displays information about Apache. Most of the information is displayed in a table with a key to the symbols used underneath the table.
  • CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage - Displays a table of processes that use CPU, memory, and MySQL processes. The table displays who is using the process, CPU usage %, Memory usage %, and MySQL usage.
To display server information:
  • Click on the Service Status, Server Information, Apache Status, or Cpu/Memory/MySQL Usage History link in the System Reboot menu.
  • View the displayed information.

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