What is FrontPage?

For better or worse, FrontPage is an extremely popular web site design tool. In order to support clients who use FrontPage, you need to install FrontPage extensions on their site so that the FrontPage's "quirks" will work correctly on a Linux server.

If you need to reinstall FrontPage extensions for an account, uninstall the current extensions first before reinstalling.

Note: DarkOrb does not encourage the use of FrontPage nor does it take responsibility for any of the things that FrontPage, or any other Microsoft product, does to your server. To install or uninstall FrontPage extensions:

  1. Click on the Install FrontPage Web Extentions or Uninstall FrontPage Web Extentions link in the FrontPage menu.
  2. Click on the required domain or user in the displayed lists.
  3. Click on the Install or UnInstall button.

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