We have made "Security and Precaution Guideline" for our customers and request you as well to go through the same and follow simple yet important points. We require that the customer keep strong password and then only we will be able to troubleshoot an issue related to any concern they face.

Security and Precaution Guideline

Please ensure the following to add more security to your account

1) Make sure that your system has a competent firewall installed and activated.
2) Make sure to download and install any security updates for your system as soon as they become available.
3) Do not open any attachments or files in your e-mail if you do not recognize the sender.
4) Do not install any spyware, or other malicious software programs that install on your system and make it vulnerable to hacking.
5) Upgrade CMS / Scripts version without delay and as soon as released by the Developer Community.
6) Uninstall any plugins, modules or themes you are not using. Even if they are disabled the script resides on the server and can be exploited if there is a vulnerability.

As a precaution, please do the following for security

1. Scan your computer with latest and updated anti virus and spyware. Make sure it is virus free.
2. Reset all passwords including email passwords. Verify the email accounts in your control panel.
3. Password should not be simple. (use http://strongpasswordgenerator.com to generate passwords)
4. Should not store passwords in email client, browser
5. Log off from control panel after use.
6. Do not share passwords with any one.
7. Log off from your computer after use and do not leave your desktop unattended.
8. Ensure your computer is not having any key loggers or spyware.

Friday, April 8, 2016

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