To Whom It May Concern

This message is to notify that ResellerBox ( identity is being merged with Dinsol India ( as per the Management decision on 01 Dec 2019. Since both brands/identities are owned by Enovate Technologies LLP, all formalities are carried out internally. By merging both, we believe to serve our customers better and offer best available products and services in future.

This is an advance one notice to all our previous and currently active customers. Active website of ResellerBox ( shall be deactivated with this notice on or after 15 Nov 2019. Billing system of ResellerBox ( shall be accessible till 30 Nov 2019. All customers are requested to download their past Invoices and ticket details before 30 Nov 2019 as after that we may not be able to provide these information.

All invoices about to generate after 15 Nov 2019 for active services and clients shall be raised from Dinsol India billing system (

Active customers are requested to email / raise / access their billing account from ( after 15 Nov 2019 . We shall send a intimation email individually as well post migration of billing account.

Following change shall be in sales and support contact.

Sales Email: sales @

Support Email: support @

Billing Email: billings @

Domain name related: domains @

Phone Number: 9311118687 (Plan which carry phone support option only)

Please feel free to contact by reply email if you have any query further.

Thank you,

Reseller Box Team

Sunday, December 1, 2019

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