Regulations to be followed while registering .US domain names

The following regulations must be followed while registering a .US Domain Name:

1. It is compulsory for you to mention at least 2 Name Servers during Registration. Also, these 2 Name Servers should be Registered in the United States of America.

2. While providing Contact details for .US Domain Names, you would be asked to specify the Nexus Information for the same. The nexus information pertains to

  • Application Purpose: Whether the Domain Name being registered is for Business use (Profit/Non-profit), Personal use, etc.

  • Nexus Category: Whether the person registering the Domain Name is a resident/citizen of the United States of America, or the Domain Name is registered for an organization based in the United States, or having an office or facility therein.

3. The following words/phrases, or combinations of any of these seven words/phrases are not allowed in any .US Domain Name -

  • shit
  • piss
  • fuck
  • cunt
  • cocksucker
  • mother-fucker
  • tits

4. Some names have been reserved by the .US Registry. Click here to download the complete list of reserved .US names >>

Apart from the names contained in the above list, the following categories of names are also reserved -

  • All numbers five digits and higher
  • All numbers in the format five digits-four digits (zip codes)
  • All telephone numbers including toll-free numbers
  • All names with hyphens in the third and fourth character positions (e.g. "pt--xs2h4l4b")


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